June 25, 2021

#6 - 2 Marketplaces 2 Consumers

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Discover interesting marketplaces and consumer products from the YCombinator Winter 2021 Batch.


  • 00:00 - Use Newzip to get neighborhood advice from local experts. You can you connect with local experts to answer questions like what  neighborhood should I live in or what school should I send my kids to. Newzip YC page.
  • 03:56 - Introduction. YC winter 2021 batch stats.
  • 04:29 - Pangea.app is a platform for hiring college freelancers. It enables you to work with college freelancers who have the potential to join your full-time team and provides access to freelancers from 600+ campuses across the US. Growth stats. Pangea.app YC page.
  • 09:27 - Outfit sells DIY home renovations in a box. They format their architect-designed templates to a customer's space. And then buy all the materials needed on customer's behalf, and ship it to their door for them to build. They also provide support by an app that guides from  start-to-completion of the project. Outfit YC page.
  • 11:36 - Popl is the next generation business card. Business people put our NFC sticker on their phones to instantly share contact info with potential clients. Popl YC page. Popl tiktok account.

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