Aug. 4, 2021

#8 - Industrials, Developer Tools and More - YC W21

Discover interesting products from industrials, developer tools, wellness, and food industries from the YCombinator Winter 2021 Batch.


  • 00:00 - Introduction. YC winter 2021 batch stats.
  • 00:57 - Alba Orbital makes satellites to image everywhere on Earth, every 15 minutes. They can see events within minutes such as wild fires in real time and have signed $41m of LOIs. To date they have launched 6 satellites into orbit. Alba Orbital YC page.
  • 03:49 - Enode provides API for electric vehicles and other energy consumer products. Interesting use cases of Enode API. Enode YC page.
  • 06:11 - Dendron - Notion for Developers. It is an scalable note taking tool that grows as you do, built on top of markdown, git, and VSCode, Dendron helps you reference all your information in seconds, regardless of how much of it you have. Dendron YC page.
  • 08:43 - Chorus provides online group meditation classes led by live instructors. Chorus YC page.
  • 10:20 - Mezli is building "auto-kitchens", fully autonomous shipping-container  restaurants that serve great, affordable meals for takeout and delivery. Mezli YC page.

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