Tech Culture Podcast, hosted by Kaustubh Hiware and Prashant Anand, brings you conversations with top startup founders in Japan running successful businesses.

We cover a wide range of topics, including deep-diving into the founders' lives, learnings, and successes and failures.

Join us for actionable insights from the founders who have been there and faced the same challenges as you, providing what you need to build your own successful business.

If you enjoy the IndieHackers podcast or Startups for the Rest of Us, you'll enjoy our show.

About the Hosts

Prashant AnandProfile Photo

Prashant Anand


Prashant is currently working as a Machine Learning Tech Lead at Mercari, Inc. in Tokyo, Japan. His areas of interest include creating production grade distributed machine learning systems as well as research in Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision & Speech Recognition. Feel free to reach out to him to have a chat.

Kaustubh HiwareProfile Photo

Kaustubh Hiware


Kaustubh is a Software Engineer at Mercari Japan. He works on building a metadata ecosystem to power better listings and stronger recommendations. When not working on content for the podcast, he likes to watch anime to build up his Japanese vocab & argue with strangers on Reddit. He is a former Arch Linux user.