April 5, 2021

#1 - Bitclout, recommendation games and CV parsing

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A quick glimpse of products we stumbled upon in the past week - a self-hosting education platform that targets non-tech people, finally a way to cash in on "I knew this popular person before they were famous!" and a meta-tool for getting around adblock. We discuss about recommending adventures, and consume all your to-read blog articles as, get this: podcast episodes.


- 00:00 - Introduction

- 00:24 - Kajabi - a self-hosting education platform that targets non-tech people

- 01:43 - Bitclout - The Crypto Social Network

- 04:46 - Admiral - detect adblockers

- 06:24 - 9 years for Postman

- 07:45 - Ideas about providing recommendation

- 10:26 - Converting textual contents to audio

- 12:57 - CV parsing

- 18:26 - Cover art for podcasts

- 19:48 - Resource recommendations

Show links:

- Kajabi - Build, market and sell your online course, membership site or coaching program with no coding, no hiring, no learning curve, no plugins and no broken integrations. Just a beautiful, professional knowledge business built with just a few clicks.

- Bitclout - Everyone gets their own coin. Your favorite creator has a coin you can buy or sell. The price goes up as more people buy. You can have your own coin too.

- Shaan's tweet about bitclout

- Admiral - Size and Solve Adblock.

- Randonautica - quantumly generated choose your own adventure reality game.

- Audm - Listen to long-form journalism you don't have time to read.

- Voices - Access the world's best professional voice actors.

- From Patrick McKenzie's newsletter - Don't End The Week With Nothing

This episode's recommendation/homework:

- YC winter 2021 batch

- State of Cloud

- Top 50 popular APIs

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